Partnership with Parents

Our Partnership with Parents is extremely important to us

We strive to achieve an open, strong and meaningful partnership with all our nursery parents so we can provide the very best care and nursery education we possibly can for each and every child.


Daily Diaries

Each child has a ‘home to nursery’ Daily Diary in which their Key Carer and parents share valuable information about their welfare and happiness, and into which we will also include photographs showing the children engaged in various activities or visits, which give parents an insight into their child’s nursery day.

We often pop different labels in to these diaries:

“Learning About” labels: these ensure that parents know which areas of the curriculum we are focusing on; how we are discussing the concepts at Nursery, and how parents may wish to support this learning at home.

Information Labels about upcoming events: for example, Nativity plays and Sports Days, are placed in the Diary to keep parents up to date with any changes in event times, or to simply invite you and your little one along! Please do sign to say that you have received the message!

QR Codes (Quick Response Codes): QR codes are black and white square barcodes, that can be read by a smart phone camera or other digital device.  If you download a  free QR code reader on your smart ‘phone, you will be able to scan our QR code labels, to download videos of your child enjoying different activities.

“Wow Moments”: if a child achieves a real milestone at Nursery, this will be notified to you via a “Wow Moments” label.  These may range from settling happily for a sleep in a cot for the first time, to a particular act of kindness.


WELCOME MEETINGS: New parents are invited to a Welcome Meeting where the Manager shares all the nursery paperwork including the strategies, frameworks, policies and procedures, and invites parents to discuss their child and ask any questions they may have.

TWO-YEAR CHECK: When your child turns two, you will be invited to a meeting with your Child’s Key Carer to go through their Development Check, as part of their Integrated Review with the Health Visitor.

PARENTS EVENINGS: Each year, you will be invited to a ten-minute Parents Evening meeting with your child’s Teachers. This is a wonderful opportunity to discuss your child’s progress and to answer any questions or queries you may have.


Home Learning – Extending your child’s learning at home

Many of our parents ask for useful articles to support them to encourage their child’s learning at home, but remember, learning ‘at home’ does not necessarily mean ‘in a house’ – learning will take place in the garden, at the park or in the swimming pool – in fact, there is no time out from education experiences for your children!

We endeavour to add ‘Learning About’ labels into each child’s diary, highlighting how you may be able to help extend their understanding of different areas.

Below are a list of some other simple ideas that you may wish to embark upon with your child.


1. Do some housework together: vacuuming, polishing (not aerosols), dusting, making the beds, tidy a messy cupboard, etc. This helps develop language, independence, physical skills and awareness of the environment.

2. Create a den in the garden for role-play. This develops inagination and helps your child to use language to organise their ideas.

3. Raid the wardrobe for clothes. This develops imagination, language, as well as the physical skills and independence required for dressing up.

FINALLY: learning at this age is all about having FUN – let your child make decisions, encourage them to be independent, let them make a mess and never forget, they should also HELP YOU TIDY UP!