Fees & Funding

Oak House Nursery School provides a fully-inclusive service, with no hidden extra charges.

Government support for childcare fees comes in two main ways (Tax-Free Childcare and Nursery Education Funding), we can help you ensure you are getting access to every penny available. Please do speak to Alice for further information.

PARENTS are required to complete and submit a Registration Form to the Nursery Office and to select either a term-time or year-round place, detailing the days and times they wish their child to attend.

NURSERY PLACES are allocated subject to availability.

TERM TIME PLACE –  when children attend during nursery terms only and NOT during half-terms and school holidays.  [Nursery Term Dates are published in the monthly Newsletters]

YEAR ROUND PLACE – when children attend nursery all year round.

THE NURSERY CLOSES for the statutory Bank Holidays, three Inset Days a Year (1 each term) and approximately one week over the Christmas period, when fees are not payable.

EXTRA SESSIONS MAY BE REQUESTED, subject to availability by submitting a Request via the ParentZone app, or by sending an email to the Nursery Office.

CHILDREN must attend for at least TWO sessions each week (on TWO separate days).

ALL FEES ARE PAYABLE regardless of absence due to illness, family holidays or any other reason whatsoever and the nursery has no obligation to make up any missed attendance.

FEE INVOICES are emailed to Parents on a four-weekly cycle, with fees payable within 14 calendar days of the billing date.  All new parents are required to sign up with our Direct Debit Service (Gocardless), from which any outstanding balances on their account will be charged on the 15th day post-invoice.  Payments prior to this date can be received in the form of Cash, Tax-Free Childcare, Workplace Vouchers or Bank Transfer.
Any payments received after this date will appear as a credit on their account and put against the following month’s invoice.
A surcharge of 10% may be added to Invoices that remain unpaid by the last day of the following month.

FOUR-WEEKLY BILLING: Four-weekly billing will give 13 billing days per year.

All ‘bill payers’ will be able to view bills and account
balances within their Parent Zone app.

We are aware that some of you have a ‘monthly’ figure set to come from either Workplace Vouchers or the Government’s Tax-Free Childcare systems. You may wish to amend these to weekly, however, it is not essential. You will simply need to keep an eye on your account balance (visible at the bottom of every bill and via the Parent Zone app) to ensure you have sufficient funds to cover the billing total.

FEE REVIEWS occur each January. However, the Nursery reserves the right to review the fees at any stage throughout the year due to increased costs beyond our control. Fee payers will receive a minimum of one month’s notice for any changes in fees.

SETTLING CHARGES. A charge of £5 per hour will be made for sessions where a child is left in our sole care for a period of time in excess of two hours.  If a child does a settle that is under two hours there is no charge but, any time over the two hours will incur a charge for the full period of time that the child has been left in our care.  There is no charge when a parent/guardian is onsite at the same time as the child when they are settling.
Settling charges will be added to your first invoice.
Any sessions where a child attends for the hours of a regular session, for example, a Morning or School Day,  will be charged for at the regular sessional price.

PAYMENT MAY BE MADE by Cash, Tax-Free Childcare, Workplace Vouchers, NEF and GoCardless Direct Debit – to set up a GoCardless Direct Debit account, CLICK HERE

ONE FULL CALENDAR MONTH’S NOTICE IN WRITING is required to reduce attendance or to withdraw a child from the Nursery or full Fees are payable in lieu of Notice.

NURSERY BURSAR – Alice Marshall can be contacted by via the Contact Us page, or on the main nursery line 01989 562304.