Tiny Tots Nursery

Our Tiny Tots Nursery is a calm, yet vibrant, part of the setting, comprising of the main Playroom and carpeted Sun Room.


TRANSITION: When we, and you, feel your little one is to move to the Tiny Tots nursery, we will invite you to make an appointment to meet with your child’s new Key Carers and Team Leader.  We will make lots of little visits, with a member of the Baby Nursery staff accompanying your child for each settle, as they gradually become used to the new routines and environment.

REST AND SLEEP: Our youngest Toddlers sleep in a dedicated sleeproom in double-decker bunk cots, whenever they require a rest.  Peaceful music is played via iPads, soothing them to sleep. Sleep times are noted on each child’s iConnect entry.

TWO-YEAR CHECK: As part of the Integrated Review, whenever your child turns two, you will be invited in to the Nursery to have a meeting with your child’s Key Carer, to go through their Development Check, discussing your views and ensuring we have the most accurate picture of your child! You will then be given a copy to take with you to your child’s Two-Year Health Check with their Health Visitor.

ENVIRONMENT: Our Tiny Tots spend lots of time outdoors, running in their dedicated Garden and exploring the surrounding lawn areas. Indoors, Tots benefit from a wooden Playroom and carpeted Sun Room, offering cosy, relaxing areas as well as plenty of space for messy play!  The Tiny Tots continue to have regular access to the Multi-Sensory Room, and also begin to use the Soft Play Room.

LENDING LBIRARY: Children have the opportunity to choose a new book each time they come to Nursery. A selection of books are offered, and children can enjoy cuddles on the sofa in the Main Room, reading the book before it is place in their book bag to read at home with their parents.

FOOTWEAR: To aid in your child’s growing independence, Tiny Tot children are requested to wear slippers (with non-stick soles) to wear indoors, and wellington boots to wear outdoors. We will support them in changing their footwear, and feel that wellies and slippers offer the best opportunity to increase your child’s independence levels.  We are fortunate in a setting (as opposed to many situations at home) where we can take as long as is necessary to prepare to go outside – meaning the children can spend as long as they wish helping one another to put on their coats and learning to do zips and poppers up on coats.