June 2024


Monthly Menu

Click the link above to see our latest Menu.  Below is an example of the different meals and snacks that we provide at Oak House Nursery School.



BREAKFAST [Served before 8.30am]

Porridge or Cereals, Toast, Eggs and Fresh Fruit.

MID-MORNING SNACK [Served around 10.30]

Selection of fresh fruits and crudités folowed by a cube of cheese (to neutralise the acid from the fruit).

HOT COOKED LUNCH  [Served at 12 noon]

Eg. Chicken and Pasta Bake [v Quorn & Pasta Bake] with fresh broccoli and sweetcorn followed by Greek Yoghurt and Fresh Fruit Coulis.  Fresh Water is served with lunch.

PLEASE SEE the Lunch Menu for the Month above

MID-AFTERNOON SNACK [Served at 3.00]
Fresh Fruit and savoury cracker.

AFTERNOON TEA [Served to 5.30 children]

Homemade soups, toast, cheeses, sandwiches, savoury wraps, scones, pitta bread, welsh cakes and crudites followed by fresh fruit.


Staff ensure children have plenty to drink each day with fresh drinking water always available. Children drink milk and water at break times.


The Lunch Menu for the Week is displayed below and copies are displayed in each Department.


Medical or vegetarian diets are catered for and children’s individual dietary needs are carefully monitored.